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As a fervent camper, I also encountered the problem of not having a car as a means of transport during my holiday. I heard the same complaint from my customers at City Campers. I thought to myself, I simply must find a solution for this. When I was with some friends at a camping site this summer, we discussed it and the idea for UP4Rent was born.

The unique concept of UP4RENT makes it possible to reserve your rental car online and drive away with it directly from the camping site. Without having to deal with any intermediaries, and via a safe, recognised and tested system. You reserve and pay online and you receive a digital rental contract. The key to the car can be found in a vault at the camping site which can only be opened with a unique code.

The name says it all: Volkswagen up! is the ideal car for this concept! Compact and comfortable, quick and efficient. Starting from € 3.75 per hour or € 39.50 per dag, this great rental car is at your disposal. See the contracted camping sites and reserve immediately!

Avoid extra charges

No one likes extra charges. That is why you should always remember the following:

  • Be sure to return the car on time
  • Do not violate the traffic rules
  • Make sure there is sufficient gas in the tank
  • Report damage on time
  • Always leave a clean rental car behind
  • Do not smoke in the car
  • Do not allow any pets in the car