General Terms and Conditions

By using the app and car sharing, the user agrees to the rules concerning car use, damage and breakdowns, payments and other conditions in this document.

Article 1. Car use

  1. Traffic rules
    The user is required to possess a valid European driver’s licence and to comply with all the applicable traffic rules for driving a car. The minimum age of the user is 23 years of age.
  2. Other rules
    The following is not permitted:
    – smoking in the cars
    – to use the cars to give driving lessons or to transport people for payment (with the exception of carpooling)
    – to use the cars in contests, rallies or for driving lessons
    – to use the cars on a race course or terrain for which the cars are not suited or on a terrain which is designated as “enter at own risk”
    – to use the cars to transport animals or illegal goods
    – to use the cars under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances
    – to leave trash behind in the cars
    – to sell the cars
    – to use the cars as taxi
    The user is also required:
    – to use the cars with care and handle them with due diligence
    – to maintain the cars in a good condition
    All costs that result from violating the above rules by the user (for example, removing the smell of smoke from the interior of the car) shall be charged to the user, plus a €50 administrative fee which includes VAT.
  3. End of the ride
    The ride ends when the car is returned to the home location, when the car is signed off via the app and the reservation period is terminated. If it concerns an electric share car, it must always be connected to a charging station and the the charging session must be initiated.
  4. Traffic violations and parking fines
    The user is responsible for penalties that result from the ride, for example parking violations and speeding tickets. These shall be charged separately to the user.
  5. Defects and/or error messages
    If the car indicates error messages it must be reported to the Owner immediately or by telephone +31541516100
  6. Fuel and charging
    There is a fuel card in the car. Charging and fuelling must be paid with the fuel card. Separate invoices from other charging or fuelling moments shall not be processed in the invoice. The fuel card must be placed and stored under the sun visor of the share car and may only be used for that particular share car.
  7. Parking
    The user is responsible for the payment of any parking costs.

ARTICLE 2. App use

  1. Reservations via the app
    The car can only be reserved by making a reservation via the app.
  2. Extending a reservation
    If one wishes to keep the car longer than the initial reservation period, the user must extent his/her reservation via the app. If it is not possible to extend the reservation, it means that the car has already been reserved by someone else. In this case, the car in question must be returned at the agreed time to the location where the reservation originally began. It is possible that users who return the car late will incur charges.
  3. Authorised driver
    The share car may only be driven by the user who has access to the share car via their own personal account and on whose account the reservation has been made. It is not permitted to allow anyone other than the owner of the account to log in on the user account.

ARTICLE 3. Damage and breakdowns

  1. Check for damage before use
    The car must be checked for damage before use. Any possible damage must be reported via the app. Damage not reported shall be charged to the last user.
  2. Damage
    With damage (one-sided or damage to others or the property of others), the damage form must be completed in full and submitted to the Owner, together with photos of the damage. The user is liable for all damage that has occurred during the reservation period and which respectively results from using the car and the user hereby fully indemnifies the Owner of the car.
  3. Insurance and deductible excess
    All of the cars on the platform have at least Third Party insurance. A deductible excess of € 450 applies as standard for all non-recoverable damage and € 75 applies for every instance of window damage. These amounts shall be charged in the invoice for the driver in question.
  4. Breakdowns
    In case or breakdowns, the help desk must be contacted on +31(0)541-516100.
  5. Damage due to misuse
    The user is responsible for all damage, mechanical or otherwise that is the direct result of misuse of the car by the user. All costs related to this shall be charged in the monthly invoice sent to the user.


ARTICLE 4. Payment

  1. Rates
    The rates for the cars on the platform are stated on the website of the WeGo Car sharing App. The rates include VAT. The price of the ride is determined on the basis of the number of kilometres driven and the duration of the reservation period. The reservation period shall always be charged, even when the car is not used. This is because during this period, no other user can use the car.
  2. Cancellation fees
    If a reservation is cancelled after the start time of the reservation, the full reservation costs may be charged.
  3. Payment conditions
    After ending the reservation, the driver will receive an invoice for the ride. This invoice must be paid within 14 days after the invoice date. If the invoice is still unpaid after a reminder has been sent, the user may be blocked from using the rental car and we shall pass this invoice on to the GGN collection agency.
  4. Settlement of fines and non-recoverable damage
    In the event of fines and/or non-recoverable damage, this shall be processed into the invoice for the user along with a specification of the ride in question and the user. For the settlement of a fine/penalty, we shall charge an administrative fee of € 7.50 incl. VAT.
  5. Late returns
    If the car is returned late, the applicable hourly rate of the car shall be charged to the user in tenfold for as long as the car is not returned and the reservation has not been signed off.

ARTICLE 5. Liability
The user shall always fully indemnify the OWNER, the person who possesses the car and if this concerns a commercial owner, all of the allied legal entities of that commercial owner against claims from third parties, excluding none in connection to the present loan.

ARTICLE 6. Other

  1. Sharing of information with third parties
    The user agrees that the Owner, together with WeGo Car sharing collects ride information and has insight into the ride information of the user and shares this with third parties for the following matters: requests via the help desk, handling breakdowns or damage and possible insurance checks.
    The information shall be used for the following:
    – Ride and reservations administration for invoicing and handling breakdowns, damage and misuse
    – The help desk
    – Improving the product

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

ARTICLE 7. Changes to the terms and conditions
The user shall be informed about any possible changes made to the rules and conditions. If the user is not in agreement, both parties have the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement.