Is a deposit required?

No deposit is charged, but in the event of damage, a deductible excess amount of € 450 shall apply with non-recoverable damage.

Can I pay via iDEAL or do I need to have a credit card?

After your rental period, you will receive an invoice by e-mail which you can pay via iDEAL.

What if the car breaks down or I have accident during the rental period?

Within the Netherlands, you can always call the Volkswagen Mobility Service at 0800-5557000, from outside the Netherlands: 0031-800-5557000. The rental car has at least Third Party insurance. The deductible excess for each instance of damage is € 450.

Can I buy the deductible excess off?

No, this is not possible. But, you can insure yourself HERE.

Is there a maximum rental period?

A maximum rental period of 1 week applies.

Can I also rent this car if I am not guest at the camping site?

No. The Volkswagen up! is exclusively available for the camping guests of the camping site affiliated with UP4RENT.

What is the hourly rate?

From 06:00 to 18.00 hours the off-peak rate is € 3.75 per hour. From 18:00 to 06:00 hours, the standard rate is € 5.50 per hour. If you rent the car for 1 calendar day, you pay the set price of € 39.50.

In addition to the rental price, do I also have to pay for the number of kilometres I drive?

Yes. You pay € 0.25 for every kilometre driven. This is settled in arrears in the invoice on the basis of number of kilometres driven. This is automatically recorded by our system.

What if I am late in returning the car?

The costs for use will still apply. In addition, the driver will receive an e-mail that the reservation is still in use after the agreed end time. We ask drivers to return the car before the end of their reservation so that the next driver can commence their reservation on time. We recommend that you make a new reservation in time so that you will not have to disappoint the next driver.

Is there a second rental car available if the first rental car is already reserved?

No, we cannot guarantee this. We will do our very best to implement a second vehicle.

What if my predecessor has caused damage to the car?

You can indicate this in the WeGo Car sharing app before you start your reservation.

Where do I leave the key when I return the car?

You can leave the dashboard box. The WeGo Car sharing App serves as the key for the vehicle. When you are within at least 3 metres of the car, your telephone will be connected via Bluetooth. So, you can also open and close the car with the app.

Is there a minimum age for driving the rental car?

Yes, the minimum age is 23 years of age.

I am a camping site owner, how can I realise this concept at my site?

You can contact Rob de Mönnink (Owner of UP4RENT) on 0541-516100.

How can I demonstrate that damage to the car is not caused by me?

By checking the car at the start of the reservation. If you see damage to the vehicle at that moment, report it in the WeGo Car sharing App.

What are the general user conditions?

See the general user conditions here.

Am I required to clean the car before I return it?

No, but we would appreciate it if you would let us know that the car needs to be cleaned. You can do this at the moment you return the car to the location.

Am I required to return the car with a full tank of gas?

It is not necessary to return the car with a full tank of gas. But please DO NOT return the car with an empty tank of gas. A fuel card can be found in the vehicle, the PIN for this fuel card can be found in the app during your reservation. Fuel costs are settled in arrears in the invoice on the basis of  € 0.25 for every kilometre driven.

Who pays for the gas when you fuel up?

If the tank is less that one quarter full, it’s time to fuel up. Use the fuel card found under the sun visor for this. You will have already received the PIN via an e-mail. Always note the number of kilometres on the odometer before your fuel up. You will be required to enter this number when you pay. Open the petrol cap with the contact key. On the back of the tank cap you will find the filling instructions. Please place the fuel card back under the sun visor after you have filled up. Be sure to fill with the appropriate gas: E10/euro 95.