Are you the owner of a camping site and would you like to provide your guests with a unique, extra service? Then UP4RENT is the perfect solution for you. We make it possible to stall a Volkswagen up! at your camping site so that your guests can use it anytime they like. Whether it is to do some groceries or take a day trip, they have the opportunity to leave their camper behind whenever they like.

A rental car that is directly available at your camping site is not only interesting for your guests; it also offers additional advantages for you as an owner:

► Extra guest service without an investment
► Free advertising for your camping site
► Unique service will make your camping site more competitive
► Higher turnover due to longer stays at your site



How does it work exactly?

  1. The Volkswagen up! is stickered with the logo and website of your camping site
  2. You must keep 1 small parking space free at your camper park for this rental car
  3. Your guest can reserve the rental car online via the WeGo Car sharing app 
  4. The car can be automatically opened via the app and the key can be found in the car
  5. Renters receive a code via the app to fill up on fuel
  6. Renters can call UP4RENT if they have any questions or problems

As you can see, it requires very little effort on your part. UP4RENT guarantees a safe, user-friendly and tested system for making a rental car available. If you would like to know more, please see our FAQ, the general user conditionsterms-and-conditions or feel free to contact us.